When it comes to Christmas Tree Decorations, pretty much anything you want to do will look great.

You can be as simple or extravagant as you wish and make your tree spectacular. Whether you keep it simple with bows and lights, or make it like a winter wonderland with syncopated lights, forest critters, toy railroads and flying reindeer, your tree will be remembered.

Above you will find 15 pictures of Christmas Tree Decorations to help you come up with some ideas for your tree this year. You don’t have to copy any of them, use them for inspiration and a base to add your own special touches to. You can mix up a few of the different ideas you find here and other places.

Way back in the olden days, people would put candles on their trees. But that wasn’t such a great idea, as trees can and do burn. Small pine cones, acorns, ribbons and bows were also used and were much safer. Decorations for Christmas Trees can be that simple, with just a few natural embellishments and still look wonderful. Many people enjoy a simple rustic tree. Some even like a tree with no decorations.

My family tradition is to get the tree about a week or so before Christmas, and leave it bare until Christmas Eve. Then the family gets together for a pre Christmas dinner, and afterwards everyone helps in decorating the tree. Lights, tinsel favorite ornaments from previous years, and perhaps a new item or two, just to keep things fresh.

Other people like to have a completely different theme for their Christmas Tree Decorations every single year. Maybe all white lights with a single color for all your bulbs, then next year multi colored everything, then perhaps bows or bells for decorations and a revolving flood light like Grandma used to use.

The history of Christmas Tree Decorations can be found on this Wiki link. It goes into some detail about it. I hope looking at these pictures and reading about some Holiday Traditions have given you some inspiration for your own Holiday Decorations this year.