Making homemade Christmas decorations can cost very little if you are a thrifty person. They can be very simple and easy to make or be as complicated and as elaborate as your skill allows.

Many items can be used to make homemade Christmas decorations. Just use some imagination! Certainly your favorite fabric or department store will have lots of items you can purchase, but you can also use things from around your home, both inside and out. Everything from acorns to tree branches to pine cones can be used from the outdoors. If you’re an avid crafter chances are you probably already have scraps of fabric, yarn, ribbon, buttons and other miscellaneous items to use. If you own a Cricut (or similar) machine so much the better! These are a great help at holiday time.

Children can also participate in creating homemade Christmas decorations. You will be teaching them that not everything has to be store bought and they can take pride in a job well done! Making homemade decorations would be an excellent tradition to start with your family. It can be a rewarding family time experience for everyone involved.

You can make homemade Christmas decorations from candies or cookies also. There are cookie cutters and molds you can buy to create a wide assortment of shapes; of course gingerbread and Santa are very popular. And don’t forget the glitter! Christmas is all about the glitter!

Christmas is a favorite holiday for many people, I have family members who shop and plan most of the year for Christmas. Crafters esp. love this time of year to create wonderful homemade Christmas decorations. So check out some photos, window shop the craft store and let your imagination run wild. And don’t let the end of the Christmas holiday stop you from creating new projects for next Christmas!  Happy Holidays!